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Here are some of the most memorable highlights and accomplishments of
racing these Goldstar Birds. (updated 11/9/18)

1.        The Goldstar birds won every 300-mile Young bird race in the club (two races per year) from
1993-2002  (and many since then).

2.        In 1995 old bird racing they won SEVEN of the possible nine Average Speed awards racing old birds
in the Combine.  Race A & Race B, Short, Long and Overall.  (two races thus more Ave. speed wards)

3.        They have won more 600-mile races (13) in the long section of the combine and club in the past 20
years than any loft in the Combine.  They are truly Superior Long Distance Racing pigeons!

4.        In 2003 they won a "double header" 600-mile race (both race A & race B) in the Combine and it was
with day birds.  (never done here before or since) And it was not a blow home as there was few (very few)
birds on the day.  (We had 3 day birds).

5.        Also in 2003 they won 5 of the possible 7 long distance races (500+ miles) in the Combine and all
with day birds winning Long Average speed and Championship Loft.

6.        The above accomplishment along with other long distance wins from 1999 thru 2003 made us 10th
place AU Long Distance Champion in the nation over all time.  This award was presented by the AU and
this record still stands today.  

7.        Also in 2003 we won the Loft of the year award presented by the AU for the best looking loft in the
Nation.  (see the picture at the bottom of the Home page).  Prizes were awarded by the AU.

8.        We have won more average speed awards than anyone in the Illini RPC.  (at least in the last 25
years).  By the way, our club is at least 95 years old, if not older.  Records were confirmed by an old time
member who saw them from 1918.  Note, the club name has been changed a couple times but still the
same members and location.

9.        We have won more 600-mile race diplomas than anyone in our club (and pretty sure in the Combine),
at least in recent years (40 or so).

10.        The accomplishments of these fantastic Goldstar racing pigeons.  As an example of nest mates
1715 and 1716.  The hen 1716 wan a hard 600-mile Combine race at about 900 YPM while her brother Cock
1715 was first Combine 128-miles at 1925 YPM!  
These birds can do it all!!!!!!!

11.        Two young birds I sold in 2004 won the 400-mile young bird race in the club (both being day-birds).  
One taking 2nd Combine and the other, in Race B was the
ONLY DAY BIRD winning the Deep South Cajun
Combine 400-mile YB race by over 50 YPM.  (this loft's mileage was 409.272).

12.        I stocked a hen as a yearling and flew her sister who won MANY diplomas.  When I retired the sister
who won I sold the sister in the breeding loft.  She was a prisoner breeder for 5 years (never out of the
loft).  The fellow (over 500-miles away) had her for 2 more years until she got out.  I found her back in my
loft a week later.  It is amazing, this bird was nine years old and had not been out of a loft in 7 years yet flew
the 500+ miles back home!!!!  This is the kind of birds these Goldstars are made of and her blood is in many
of my birds.

13.        This won't top the above but before the above I had sold 6 retired race birds to a fellow about
40-miles away.  He had them 3 years when he got divorced and just let them go.  They ALL returned home
the same day he let them out after 3 years in his loft.

14.        2010 Young bird racing!  Started with about 63 young birds (handler of 12 birds for others in a
special race).  Before the races started I lost 5 of the special race birds and 5 of mine in training and to
hawks.  We had two 100-mile training races then raced with the Combine 5 races (172 miles, two at 220 mi.,
265mi., and 330-miles) and we only lost 3 birds of the 53.  In the last race (330-miles) we did not ship our
best birds but birds that needed to go and were ready (be tested).  We had 11 birds within minutes of
which 5 were in the top 10% of the Combine and all 11 on the first page, within the top 20% of the
Combine.  In fact 11 of the top 46 birds were the Goldstars (that is almost 25% of the top birds in the
Combine were from ONE loft, the Goldstar Loft.
We also won
Young bird Average speed, Champion Loft, and Master Loft, in the club.  It was a great year
for the Goldstar birds!  I guess they like there new home here on Meadow Lane!

15.        2011 Old bird racing!  Still building an old bird team from having moved a couple years ago I sent
only yearling's to our last 500 (some call a 450 but we are 481-miles).  It was a hot day with light winds but
we (the Combine) had day birds.  Being one of the furtherest lofts in the entire Combine I got 6 yearling
home on the day!  This was MORE than any other loft in the entire Combine.......... yet we are almost the
longest loft of all of them.  I am so proud of these fantastic Goldstars!  I can not wait till the 600 in 2012 to
see what they will do.

16.            Update on the above #15.  The 600 in 2012 did not pan out as we wished BUT we did have one
bird in the top 10% and 4 more in the top 20% of the Combine.  Eleven of our 13 entries were on the race
sheet.  Our first two birds were twin brothers, both black checks and good fliers.  The first bird home was
ALSO the first bird on the 600 in 2011.  The bad new is, about a month later he disappeared off the loft,
must have been a hawk?   

17.        The high light of the 2013  old bird season was winning the 600-mile race for the 14th time.  It was a
crazy year as I also won combine SHORT average speed.  We won more OB races in our club than any
other member and were up toward the top in all categories in the combine and Concourse, average
speeds, and Champ/master loft.  Also, we have 5 of the top 20 champion birds on the list.  All 8 birds
shipped on the 600 were in the clock with 2 in the top 10% and 5 of the 8 in the top 25%.   All in all a good
old bird racing year.  

18.        The high light of 2014 once again was the 600-mile race.  The winner of the 600 in 2013 was AU 11
STAR 5199.  She clocked in at 07:04:19 2nd day.  This year 2014 the same hen clocked in at 07:04:17 2nd
day.  That is right only 2 seconds difference from last year.  She did not win it this year as only one loft
location, 25-miles shorted beat her.  This year, 2014, we sent 12 birds and 10 were in the clock with ALL 12
returning home.  We had 2 inthe top 10% and 4 in the top 20% of the Concourse.  We love the 600!  

19.        2018 I enter the AU Midwest Convention race.  I found a handler in Fond due Lac, Wi.  A well know
fellow and a good flier.  I made the trip up there to watch the birds come in to his loft from the 300-mile
race.  It was a bad day, 38 degrees, overcast, NW winds pushing the birds way south.  The race entries
totaled 699 to start, 364 went to the race and my handler sent 21 birds.  It was so bad we were beginning to
think a day bird would be hard to come by.  With a half dozen fellows watching, suffering in the cold wind,
about 4:03 PM here comes a blue bar.   With many fellows having a BB in the race everyone was excited,
that is until the handler announced it was a STAR bird.  Lots of hand shaking and conversation.  No more
birds for an hour then here comes another blue bar.  Everybody all excited again!  Then the word came, it
was my other STAR bird.  The handler only go 2 day birds, both Goldstars!  In fact there was only 51 day
birds in the entire race.  Since the birds did get blown and the drag was south the top prizes went south.  
However the "STAR's" took 26th and 42nd place winning us a few dollars.  I do believe they were the only
2 birds on the day in the entire city of Fond due lac.  The birds made me proud as they did beat many very
popular racing pigeon breeders entries.  It was a fun time having the ONLY birds to return.

As these memories come to me I will post them here.

Memorable feats in pigeon racing
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