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Picture's & more (click on buttons to visit other pages) updated 11/2019
The pictures of my 2009 YB team in the loft during feeding time.  Great birds, tame and gentle yet powerful, fast and tough in the races!  Click to
enlarge then hit the back arrow on the left of the browser to got back.
Below are pictures of my 2010 young bird team.  They look feel and race even better than my 2009 young bird team.  After a 150, two 200's we
are winning average speed.  We also have the winning average speed bird in the 4 on 44 Special race series.   Click on the pic to enlarge then
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Below is some new pictures and are of my 2011 young birds taken 8/21/2011.
Our main racing loft as of August 2019
with new 4x8 addition on right side.  
There is also another 10x14 breeding
loft attached and behind this loft.  332
square feet of loft, yet we seldom have
more than 60 birds.
Best things about this loft is:
1. Its off the ground 30" or more .  
Allows for airflow and critter protection.
2. Roof slopes to the front, easy to see
birds vs. the birds being on back slope.
3. I insulated the metal roof with 1/2
inch R board.  This helped greatly with
keeping the temperature even inside.
4. Aviaries on front protected by
5. Recently added a small dog house
inside loft.  See hole on right side.  
Only goes in 3 foot.  Birds can not see
dogs etc.