Our Methods or management in
pigeon racing.
We do give vitamins, this is very important
as well as minerals! (hint - do NOT OD the
birds with these products)
We do not over crowd our birds!  Room &
air is KEY to success.  Again, ventilation is
KEY to success!
We do have and use a health system, it is a
must!  Study and develop your own.
We do NOT give the birds peanuts. (we use
a 10-15 grain mix of our own mixed by a
local elevator with local grains)
We do make sure our lofts are ventilated
adequately BUT dry.
We do not put our birds together until Feb.
14th.  (because we are not concerned with
YB racing and ARE concerned with Old Bird
We do let our race team birds breed one YB
or one set of babies each year.
We do not use the lighting or darkening
system or cut feathers on the young birds.
We do let our birds exercise daily and let
them bathe and play in the garden ONLY
while supervised.
We do not use any kind of Widow hood
system, just the natural system.
We do give our breeders some pellets but
never the race team once training starts.
We do not breed by or select by eye sign.  
However, all of our winners have terrific
eyes!  We breed by PERFORMANCE only!
We do have patience and let our birds
mature before they are sent to the ultimate
race, which is of course the 600!
We do train our birds from many directions
but seldom on the race course because
they get that training on race day!
On November 1st 2003 The AU awarded  us a Certificate
being 10th ALL TIME National Long Distance Championship
for our performances from 1999 - 2003 in the 21 - 30 loft
This record still stands today!
The same year we were awarded 4th Place Nationally by the
IF in the Open Loft under 100 loft category.  In part due to us
winning 5 of 7 Concourse LONG races all with day birds!  
(three 500's and two 600's)
Due to the amount of effort and work it takes I am sure we would  
be awarded more Certificates if the time was taken to fill out and
submit  the forms.   The NDB the AU is working on will be terrific
when totally implemented.

Goldstars & Young bird Racing
Years ago we decided that Old bird long races was where we enjoyed the sport the most.  Thus we concentrated on the 500/600 miles races and breeding for them.  To
our surprise our birds started to excel in YB racing and especially on the long/hard races of 250 to 400 and in bad weather.    We now realize that breeding for the 600
(or distance) is the best way to obtain super quality racing pigeons for any distance or age.  One of our motto's.................
"If you want quality birds then breed for the distance"!
Below is some but not all of our YB performance:
1.        We won EVERY Young Bird 300 mile race in the club from 1993 thru 2002
2.        Overall race A & B 100 - 300-mi Big Rivers Combine average speed 2004
3.        Race A 100 - 300-mi Big Rivers Combine average speed 2004
4.        Back in the 90's we seldom flew every YB race but when we did we always won some Average Speed awards.
5.        I am most proud of Paul Hulin's (Nite Owl Loft) results with my Goldstar kits he flies and wins Concourse Average speed with them consistently but even more so when he was 1st
Club 2nd Concourse Race A 407=mi YB race and on
Race B had the ONLY day bird 407-miles winning it all.  (In the Deep South Cajon Concourse)
6.        I will go back in my records and post more results later.   The bottom line is these birds do excellent on long or tough YB races and will hold their own on any race.
Some recent Young bird racing results     1998 YB Loft of the year winning 8 races and many 2nd places
1998 1st Place 261-Mi AU 98 LSL 2830    1998 1st Place 261-Mi AU 98 LSL 2850*
1998 1st Place 326-Mi AU 98 LSL 2830    1998 1st Place 326-Mi AU 98 LSL 3597
1999 1st Place 326-Mi AU 99 ILL 0027      1999 1st Place 326-Mi AU 99 ILL 0082*
2000 1st Place 259-Mi IF 00 IIF 0255         2000 1st Place 326-Mi AU 00 ILL 2024
2000 1st Place 261-Mi AU 00 ILL 2045*      2000 1st Place 259-Mi AU 00 ILL 2064*
2001 1st Place 282-Mi   IF 01 IIF 2249       2001 1st Place 326-Mi AU 01 ILL 3130
2001 1st Place 326-Mi AU 01 ILL 3140      * Became outstanding racers and breeders
Those listed above are only the 1st Place wins that are races ONLY over 250 Miles.  
2010 Young birds we won it all in the club!  Average Speed, Champion Loft and Master Loft!
2012 We won Young bird Average speed once again plus more races than any other loft!
2014 - 2017 Not racing young birds and or not as much. (my own health issues etc)
2019 Feeling better, racing better but not trying too.  Trying to find better One Loft birds.  This is where the sport is going and growing.  Allot more
fun than flying in a combine that only flies one direction.  
AU and IF Awards:
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About Goldstar Lofts Page
Superior Long distance racing pigeons!    
Goldstar Loft 600-mile Race record by year and band #.
Year                Bird                      
1987 Race B   AU 83 MIC   7375        
1st Club     1st Combine       8th Concourse
1993 Race A   AU 89 LSLC 0919       
1st Club     1st Combine        8th Concourse
1994 Race A   AU 92 LSLC 3362        2nd Club    4th combine         19th Concourse
1994 Race B   AU 91 LSLC 1136        3rd Club     5th combine         16th Concourse
1995 Race A   AU 93 LSLC 5374       
1st Club     1st Combine         7th Concourse
1995 Race B   AU 93 LSL  5369         
1st Club     1st Combine       1st Concourse
1997 Race A   AU 94 LSL  6442         2nd Club     2nd combine         5th Concourse
1997 Race B   AU 94 LSL  6467          2nd Club    3rd combine          7th Concourse
1998 Race B   AU 96 LSL  0644         
1st Club     1st Combine       4th Concourse
1999 Race A   AU 97 LSL 1716          
1st Club     1st Combine        8th Concourse
1999 Race B   AU 97 LSL 1719          
1st Club     1st Combine        1st Concourse
2000 Race A   AU 98 LSL  2855         1st Club     1st Combine        4th Concourse
2000 Race B   AU 98 LSL  2850         
1st Club     1st Combine        2nd Concourse
2000 Race B   AU 97 LSL  1735         3rd Club      3rd combine          3rd Concourse
2001 Race A   AU 97 LSL  1735         3rd Club      3rd combine          6th Concourse
2001 Race B   AU 99 ILL   0068          
1st Club     1st Combine        4th Concourse
2002 Race A   AU 99 ILL   0082          5th Club      5th combine         10th Concourse
2002 Race B   AU 98 LSL  2855         2nd Club     2nd combine          5th Concourse
2003 Race A   IF 00 IIF  0243
day bird 1st Club  1st Combine        1st Concourse
2003 Race A   AU 99 ILL 0058 day bird 3rd Club 3rd Combine       4th Concourse   
2003 Race B   AU 00 ILL 2011
day bird 1st Club 1st Combine       1st Concourse
2011 was the ONLY day bird in race B in the entire concourse!
2003 Race B   AU 99 ILL 0082           5th Club       5th combine          5th Concourse
2004 Race A   IF 02 ILL 4263            2nd Club      2nd combine         2nd Concourse
2005 Race A   IF 02 ILL 4203            3rd Club       3rd combine          5th Concourse
2005 Race B   IF 02 ILL 4233            5th Club       5th combine         10th Concourse
2006 Race A   IF 02 ILL 4210            2nd Club      2nd combine          5th Concourse
2006 Race B   IF 02 ILL 4203            
1st Club     1st Combine        1st Concourse
2007 races cancelled due to severe rains in Oklahoma and Texas
2008 Race A  AU06 STAR1679
day bird 3rd club  3rd combine        3rd Concourse
Note:1679 was a day bird flying longer than ANY other bird in the Combine only beat by one loft 20+ miles shorter.
2009 I had moved in 2008 so had no old bird team.
2010 Building an OB team we did not race long races.
2011 shipped only a few birds was 25th place
2012 shipped a few more and was 7th, 12th and 16th
2013 Race A AU 2011 STAR 5199    
1st Club    2nd Combine      3rd Concourse  (only shipped 8 birds and ALL 8 were in the clock)
2014 Race A AU 2011 STAR 5199    4th (within 2 seconds of the same time last year) only beat by ONE loft with twice the entries.
2015 Race A AU 2013 STAR 1369    6th club
2016 - 2018 near the top when we raced. No racing it in 2019 and 2020.
Note: There are now 3 clubs in each of the two combines and 6 in the concourse (have been as many as 9 clubs
2005 AND 2006 Goldstar Lofts had the BEST average on the 600's and won the Bob Carlock 600-Mile Traveling Trophy two
years in a row!  
As far as we can trace back (40+ years) Goldstar loft is the ONLY loft to win a Combine double header 600-mile
(Both race A and Race B) and on top of that with DAY BIRDS.  No more A and B races, thankfully.  We have won
more 600-mile club races than anyone ever and more Combine 600's since 2003 than any one else.  And I believe more
Combine 600-mile diplomas than any other loft since 1995.  
We have also won more 300-mile YOUNG BIRD races than anyone in our club.
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The picture above is of our new dog "REX".  It is when we first got him and was younger.   He has put on a
weight to the point of maturing now and looks great.  Taken over the night parole while Roscoe sleeps.  So
far he has learned many of the Roscoe dog habits, both good and bad.  He is one fast dog, can catch even
a Robin if he wants to.  
Memberships & Organizations
* AU 47+ year member
* Now a
Life time Member of the AU
* IF Member (International Federation)
* Member of the ILLINI RPC
* Member Missouri Illinois Combine
* Member Illinois Missouri Concourse
* Member Illinois Fliers Combine
* US Navy & Vietnam Veteran (Disabled)
* VFW Lifetime & American Legion membe
To the right is our watch dog "Roscoe".  He is
3/4 mini Doberman and a terrific watch dog.   
He is trained not to bother the pigeons or
chickens but to protect them.   He goes after
ANY other bird that flies low over the back yard
(which is good).  He also warns me if a sparrow
happens to get in the loft.  He is in a fenced in
yard around the loft and so far no critters have
bothered the birds.  Oh and he also kills
snakes!  (if they are less than 3 feet long that is,
comes get me if they are bigger)
One of our birds landing above.
To the left is a few of our many trophies won over the years (the small ones, the 14 600-mile trophies in a special display).
After a couple hundred or so we stopped taking them and took the money or a plaque instead.  (Except for the 500 and 600 mile
races).  We have a lighted display with the many 500 and 600-mile trophies in it.  See the Contact us page for the display case
of our MANY 500 and 600-mile trophies. (Also have over 2,000 diplomas)
Update on Roscoe,
He is now 14 years old and now losing allot of
weight so he has retired but is training our new dog,
a young Basenji Pit Bull cross dog named "Rex".  
He is working out good.  Picture to the left.