We do sell birds however we do not keep or have many birds in total.  This hobby is a scientific experiment to breed super quality super
beautiful racing pigeons.
 Note: WE ONLY order 100 bands and BAND less than that per year MAX.  So these birds are LIMITED and if you want
order them ASAP.  What we have found is that we seldom lose pigeons.  This has brought us to the point of needing to sell a few birds as
we can not keep every bird.   In the beginning we gave birds away but much to our surprise we discovered they performed well for other lofts too.   
We may have over stock on the race teams and or late hatches to sell.  Since there are shipping limits here on YB racing and the lack of a "fair
playing field" (this Combine USUALLY only flies one course direction EVER) we will not be needing many YBs ourselves so we can sell a few kits.   
Trying Young Bird kits is the best way for someone to see and test our quality of birds.  See other areas of this site for prices on birds.  Below is
listed some of the feed back from those who have tried these wonderful Goldstars.

From MT of IL:        Two years ago I needed birds for the distance racing. I purchased one pair of Steve's Goldstars and four
pair of some very popular distance birds being sold today. After two years of breeding and racing the young the pair from Steve
out performed, out raced, and out produced the other four pair of distance birds. Needless to say I eliminated the other four pair
and got in contact with Steve for more of his Goldstars. Thanks Steve and if you have any extra, let me know!!

From JV of WA:        I purchased an eight bird kit from Steve in 2001. I also purchased one other kit from a famous New England
flyer. At the end of the YB season I had 5 of 8 of Steve's birds and none of the NE flyer's birds. In 2003, my most consistent pool
bird was Goldstar "3134" DC Hen.  She won me several pools and on the last race of the year won me Long and Overall
average speed when she clocked 4 hours and 20 minutes in front of the next loft to clock.  The Goldstar strain is a super long
distance and hard weather breed.

From PH of LA:        I purchased 2 kits from Steve (goldstars) from him for the 2003 young bird season which was my first
season to fly & I won Club, Combine and Concourse average speed. We have just started the 2004 old bird season and on our
first race a Goldstar won the Club, Combine and Concourse race. The end of march we are flying a 500 and a 600 mile race I
can't wait to turn these seceret weapons (goldstars)loose on those old club flyers. Ha Ha Steve will treat you right.   Note:  This
loft also bought 2 kits in 2004 and again won average speed awards in Ybs 2004 clocking one Goldstar 2nd Combine 408 miles
on the day race A and in Race B got the only Day Bird in the Combine and that too was one of my Goldstars I bred and sold to
him in a kit.  Aslo, he ended up having a fantastic 2004 OB season and one Goldstar was runner up Bird of the year!

From GC of NC:        I can see you sent me quality birds and I feel that you have went out of your way to make sure I received
some super stock and YBs.  They all look great and one cock bird has an eye out of this world.  I can't wait to breed and race
these wonderful Goldstars.  Thank you VERY much  from the bottom of my heart!

From JS of Houston, TX:  The Goldstar birds I got from you in 2003 have gave me great pleasure and have won many
diplomas.  The bird  IF 03 ILL 6349 was 2nd Place 100 MI in YB 03 and 1st Place OB, 200 MI 2004, also  9th place in GULF
COAST HPA OB  200 MI.... 7th Place Greater SW Combine 200 MI OB.2004.... 17th Place Gulf Coast 300 MI.  OB 2004....  6th
Place Greater SW Combine OB 2004 300 MI.... 13th Place Greater SW Combine 200 MI , OB 2005.... 16th Place, 300 MI
Greater SW Combine, OB 2005.  Bird IF 03 ILL 6350 BB Hen 1st Place club YB 2003, Bird IF 03 ILL 6351 BC Hen 13th Place
Greater SW Combine 402 MI Speed of 1665 YPM OB 2005 and 9th Place 506 MI Greater SW Combine OB 2005.   These are
SUPER racing pigeons!

From TD of Delaware:  Our club 300 went well, I placed 7th,12th,18th, 19th,20th, &27th out of 269 b, at the club level.  Your
1674,1673 were 19th & 20th, both in the special race money, 5th & 6th. Also 1673 won the board, so no complaints here.  Both
have won Combine Diploma's with over 500 birds & 30 plus lofts. I hope to purchase another kit from you next year, I won't wait
as long this time.   THANKS again for the kit.

From BD of Florida:  Steve I can tell that your birds are going to do great things for me this year. They are
awesomely built, all 8 of them. I put 4 in the 10.00 band race along with 16 of mine. It's a 350 the third week of Nov. I have 4
backups that we can sub. in the third week of Oct., if need be. I promise you 1 or 2 of your birds will be in the top 5. You watch
and see. The quality is definitely there.

From JS of Brooklyn, NY.  "As you know back in the Spring of 07 after receiving your kit of YB's I cancelled the other kits I had
ordered from other big name lofts as the birds I had got already were no comparison to your Goldstars.  Thankfully I was able to
get another kit from you.  I did not race them as Yb's and they rewarded me well as yearling's.  They as some super nice birds
that are very tame but the best part is that there is NO QUITING for these birds as they put out full effort to get back home,
especially from the distance".   "I want 2 more kits in the Spring of 2008 and will send a deposit tomorrow".

From BM of Illinois:  After purchasing a kit of your young birds I trained them out with my birds and they did well.  Then I had a
training toss from about 60-miles which was a SMASH (bad toss).  I only got home 22-birds on the day (out of 58).  BUT, get
this ALL 6 GOLDSTAR birds were home.  I knew then I had something!  I went on to send them to just a couple of races, in
which they were very consistent.  I have stopped them and letting them mature so they can compete in the longer races as
yearlings and two year olds.  You are right, they don't get lost easily!

From NK of New York:  I know how hard it must have been for you to part with these birds.  One thing I can tell you just after
one day of observation:  these birds are special.  What I can see that you have done that very, very few pigeons fanciers are
capable of these days..... these birds have great vitality, and they are very smart, and I can also tell that they have a very strong
inner "drive".    In my humble opinion, these are the 3 things that a pigeon must have when it's a tough day and only the best
can make it home.  My hat's off to you for breeding this into your birds over several generations.  I truly am fortunate to have met
you.   I am very excited about breeding from and flying the children off of these birds.  

From MB of CA:  I ordered a pair and 3 late hatches and they are amazing!  I trained the late hatches short for a while then I put
them in with the old birds and took them all 25-miles.  Your birds BEAT the old birds by 5-minutes at least (even though they
were released together!).  Your birds are terrific man!

From HY of FL:  When a got them I liked them but by that night I loved them!  They are the most fantastic birds I ever handled
and I can't stop handling them!  These birds a true quality and I see they are a family as they all have the same demeanor.  
Now, unfortunately, I don't like my own birds any more.  I just want more Goldstars because after years for experience racing I
KNOW these birds will out shine anything I ever had.
Goldstar Racing lofts Contact Info page
Goldstar Lofts C/O
Steve Sheary
13180 Meadow Lane
Bunker Hill, IL 62014
Phone 618-585-3624
8AM to 8PM CST
Mission Statement............         Our objective is to breed super quality racing pigeons.   Most all birds in our breeding loft  are retired
race winners (500 miles and up) or directly off race winners.  We breed for the distance as this is where we find the quality is.  If you
want to win races (all distances) and have fun, try some of our Goldstars.   Everyone who has bought them is extremely satisfied with
them and the results from the kits or the babies the breeders raise.  (They can and do win at any distance, I just don't mention it).
There are two things you need to win races.  One is quality birds and the other is the know how to care for them.   If
you need help or have any questions on the care for your birds please call or email me, I will be glad to help.
Contact INFO
2003 1st Combine OB Average Speed 500 - 600 Race B
2003 1st Club OB Average Speed Race B Overall 100 - 600
2003 1st Combine Win-Speed Champion loft of the year
2004 1st Combine OB Overall Average speed Race A & B 100 - 600
2004 1st Combine OB Average Speed Middle distance Race B
2004 1st Combine OB Average Speed 500 - 600 Race A
2004 1st Combine OB Average Speed short 100 - 300 Race B
2004 1st Combine OB Average Speed Overall 150 - 600 Race A
2004 1st Combine YB Average Speed Race A
2005  We did not fly many races.
2006 1st Club Race B and OVERALL Average speed in Young Birds
2007 1st Club Race B short Overall Ave Speed OBs
2008  and 2009 we were moving and building a team.
2010 1st Club Young Bird average speed, Champ Loft and Master Loft!
2011 1st Club Champ and Master Loft plus the top 3 birds in Bird of the year award!
2012 1st Club Young Bird average speed plus 3 firsts in the 8 club races.
2013 1st Combine Short average speed (yet we were 2nd Combine 600-miles as well)
As you can see only the last few years are listed.  I believe we have won at least one Combine average speed
award every year back to at least 1995 when we won 7 of the 9 possible OB Combine average speed
awards.  Due to my health I don't always fly every race series anymore.
Some Recent Average Speed Awards by the Goldstars
click on
logos to
visit their
Here I am above (Steve)
holding  0243 and 2011.  This is
the pair I call the fantastic pair
(both 623-mi day birds, Combine
& concourse (race A & B)
Winners and mates on the same
day.   My lofts are full of their
relation (blood lines).      
Above are some of the trophies won in Old birds 500 & 600 mile races.    (14 "Fourteen" 600-mile race wins)  We have raced for over 45 years
and stopped accepting club trophies years ago.  We also have raced a 1000-mile race once, a 128 mile & a 216 mile race at over 1900 YPM.   
When we show the birds we take our share of ribbons & trophies as well.