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This site is dedicated to the sport & hobby of racing and breeding
Racing Homing Pigeons!  
42+ YEARS of breeding and racing these wonderful birds.
This website has been on-going since 2004, updated often, last update 2/13/16
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Goldstar Racing Loft was actually founded in 1973 but the strain is more than 3/4 century old.  The birds, a strain I have named and developed over the last 40+
years in my loft had been bred in part by the late Gene Goldschmidt of St. Louis Mo.  The combination of his
decades of breeding and several key birds I
blended into them over the years has created a family of birds I call the
"Goldstars".   The Goldstars are a quality  breed of birds which excel at the distance
and or on hard weather races as well as any distance race
from any direction.   Everyone who obtains them wins with them and observes how smart these birds
are in racing home or just in the loft.  Not only smart they are some of the most beautiful birds you will ever handle. Read on and check out all the pages on the
site.  Any comments or suggestions are welcome.
Goldstar Racing & Breeding Lofts
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The Goldstar birds are now flying in Hawaii, Alaska, Taiwan, Texas, Delaware, Washington, Oregon, Florida, North & South Carolina, California, Connecticut, Arkansas, Louisiana,  Missouri,
Minnesota, Illinois, Washington, Wisconsin, Nevada, Utah, Ohio, New Jersey, New York,  Indiana, New Mexico, Georgia and other states.  Including Canada, Mexico City, Mexico and now the
Philippines.  If you want beautiful, smart birds that win races at all distances (especially long hard races) and want to win shows as well try some of these Goldstar birds.  You will love them!!!!!!!
This site is for the purpose of promoting the sport of Racing Pigeons.  We want to show everyone our beautiful birds, the lofts and express the enjoyment we
have in caring for these wonderful creatures.  For those of you that do not know,
THIS is the ultimate hobby.
It involves not only caring for a living thing but much more, such as in interacting with fellow fanciers in pigeon shows and competing in races.  In order to do
these things there is much more involved than simply "caring" for them.  There are club memberships, meetings, outings, visiting, auctions, shows, and a whole
list of other happenings that will keep you busy all year long outside of just caring for the birds at home.   However, the efforts of this hobby include loft building
and re-modeling, breeding the birds which can involve hours of studying which birds to mate together (if you so desire).   Feeding the birds, giving supplements,
cleaning, banding babies and settling them to the loft not to mention training them to home and to race home, all this is only a pittance of this hobby.   The
REWARD of it includes watching your birds return from great distances to you and their loft.  (go to to learn more after visiting all our pages)
There is so much to learn about these wonderful birds!  They are individuals that are extremely smart and all have their own unique personality.  Even after 40 years I am amazed by the
birds and learn something new about them and working with them all the time.    People in my life have came and gone but once you acquire the love for these birds and this hobby you
instantly have many brothers (and sisters) as you will feel that kinship with other people who enjoy the same thing, which is the BIRDS.    
For those people who are not involved in a pigeon hobby, especially in the Racing of them, you have no idea what you are missing!   It is unexplainable the excitement
and satisfaction we get from this sport and the birds.  Plus it is a healthy active sport which keeps ones body and mind sharp and active.
I feel I am the luckiest guy in the world to know this and enjoy this hobby and that I was born to do this, and thankful for it.
At the right is our Goldstar racing loft.  Pictures taken June 2014.    The loft in total is 22' x 8' plus an 8 x
10 breeder loft in the back (you can not see it).  The young bird section is on the left (6'x 8') and old bird is
in the middle 8'x 10' with a small hall way-storage on the right (5 x 8).  One big advantage to this loft is
having only
one landing board & trap instead of two.  I no longer have to re-train the YBs to the OB trap.  
There is a box inside where I can direct them to either loft.  I have learned over the years that having only
one drop hole for the birds is the best way to go when racing OB's around here.  
Large south aviaries are great for air, sun and health
. This loft is more than 28" off the ground.  High
and dry is better for sure
.  Better high to avoid critters of all sorts from getting in the loft.  
Roof is slanted to the front instead of back so I can see the birds.  Other buildings are far enough
away that they will land on the loft (mostly).  The aviaries are all 1 x 1 welded wire which is perfect for
pigeons.    I have over 60+ YB perches but my normal team will only be 40 birds to start MAX. The roof is
white metal with
insulation R board under it so as not to transfer heat or cold into the loft.  Even
when it is very hot out it stays nice inside.
Items in BOLD really help the birds performance and I highly recommend them.
"Superior Long Distance Racing Pigeons"  
(having 14 wins at 600-mile races - but read on for more about these birds)
Loft news and update:  Around the Goldstar Loft.  =====>  Old bird race series 2015 is over with.   We were at the top in all categories as well including
MASTER LOFT until the last 2 races.  A great year for us until the end but was absolutely the worst old bird race season this Concourse.  Not talking about our loft but the entire
racing experience ALL of us ever had here.  First the weather was BAD, meaning rain every weekend to some degree (of course the Goldstars did well in this weather).  Secondly
was a race secretary who made poor decisions one week after another.  He did this all on his own with no input allowed from the clubs race secretaries (as most would do).  Races
cancelled that should not have been, races held over that should not have been, etc.    The bottom line is there were almost no short races to help the birds prepare for the long
races.  All in all the Goldstars kept up and we were winning Master Loft right up to the end.  On the final race series another mistake happened which was that our older cocks got
put in the 500 (were to be in the 600) and the two year old cocks got put in the 600 instead of the 500.  As I figured, instead of getting three 500-mile day birds we got one with the
older birds arriving the next morning and the 2 year olds, especially my pick bird, clocked good on the 600 but would have been a 500-mile day bird.  We only shipped 4 birds to
each race and only one is out.  (all 7 were in the clock).

2014 OB season ended with our double header 450/600-mile races released the same day.  I sent the limit which is 12 birds to each race.  We got two day birds from the 450 race (469-Mi) taking
13th and 26th Concourse.   In the 600 the birds did GREAT, last year we sent 8 and had ALL 8 in the clock.  This year we clocked 10 of the 12 and ALL 12 are home.  The highlight was seeing
our hen 5199 come early in the morning as she did last year.  Get this, in last years race (at 627-miles) she clocked in at 07:04:19, this year 07:04:17 WOW!  Only one loft which is 25+ miles
shorter beat her and this loft shipped twice as many birds (2 lofts in one).  We were the FIRST loft at that distance or longer to clock birds.  We also clocked another bird shortly after her  then two
more so two were in the top 10% and two more in the top 20% on the 600.  We did great on the long races but there were only 3 and another cancelled.  The shorter races were hampered by
east winds EVERY race (all 10 races) with us being one of the furtherest east lofts all the west side lofts had the advantage.  However, we were at the top of all categories in the Combine (Champ
Loft, Champ bird, and all Average speed awards.  The birds were ALWAYS there in every race, even when some fellows did not get any birds until the 3rd day.  Again we only lost 6 birds in racing
the entire season so we have way too many birds and will list many proven and test birds which superior genetics for sale.   Check the birds for sale page and get some really NICE racing
We fly 627-miles on the 600 (Shamrock, Texas to Bunker Hill, IL.)  In 2012 we sent 13 birds, ALL birds home, 2013 sent 8 birds ALL
birds home
, 2014 sent 12 birds ALL birds home!  33 entries to 627-miles in over a three year span and NO birds were lost!  (In 2015
we did lose one bird on the 600 and that was a bird that was to go tot he 500).  Plus we won many club,combine and concourse diplomas
on those 600's.  Don't forget, in
2013 we won Combine SHORT average speed so these birds can do it all.  Even if you don't fly a 600 they
will have the stamina to home on bad weather 500-mile races.  I always hear about bird loses from combine members but don't understand
it because I don't lose them.  These birds do well on short races as well.
One more thing, I am feeling better (health wise) but still did not train the old birds much at all.  In fact I only trained about once every two weeks on
average in Old bird season (until May 8th then
no training at all).  I did give the birds 2 hours of open loft each day (no more).  With good birds and good
management you don't need to train!  
It is allot more fun when you don't have to waste time and gas training the birds and when you don't lose
 If you want to have FUN watching your birds score at the top of the sheet (especially on long hard races) you might try some of these Goldstar birds!
These are pictures of my Goldstar young birds from the race team in taken 201001 (left).   
Many other pictures are on this site.   Picture on left is interesting, look closely at it.  (how
about the speed of a pigeons wings!)
These are not only beautiful birds they are superbly smart and very calm birds.  Most all
eat out of my hand and climb all over me as I sit on the loft floor and feed them every day
about 5 PM for their evening snack (during YB season).
They do not get lost and they can fly ALL DAY.  Excellent at 400-miles as young birds &
500-600's as old birds (but we won Short Average speed in the Combine in old birds
2013 plus won the 600-mile race for the 14th tim
Here is what you will find on this website. (there are 8 pages)
1.  Pictures of lofts inside and out plus pictures of our racing pigeons.  
2.  Race records of our birds in club, Combine, and Concourse competition.  
3.  Hints and tips on health care of the birds, breeding, training and racing techniques.  
4.  History of the Goldstar birds and how they came about.  
5.  Testimonials of others who have had success with the Goldstar birds.  
6.  Pigeons and other items available for sale.  
7.  Information on how to contact me plus links to the AU and the IF.
Many have told me that this is one of the most informative pigeon sites on the Internet -
Thank you all for your positive comments about the site and the birds!
The bird to the right "Golden Star" is one super racing pigeon.  Band number AU 2006 STAR 1679 BC cock.  
He is a cross breed of old line Goldstar and the pure Visser Aarden line I acquired in the 90's (3 pure bred
birds one cock and 2 hens).  This bird, which I only raced till June 2008 (2 old bird years plus his YB year) was
the most consistent bird I ever raced.  I stopped him because I moved otherwise he may have been one of
those once super racers we all dream about.  He was IN FACT a super racer for the 2 years.  As a YB he went
to only 2 races, a 150 & a 200 which he was 2nd bird in the clock.  By the way he had a nest mate brother that
flew every bit as good as he did (#1678) until a hawk got him. As a yearling 1679 was 2nd club 250-mi, then
2nd club 9th Concourse 250-miles, then 1st Club 318-miles.  As a two yr old was 1st club 216-miles, 1st club
2nd Concourse 516-miles on the day, next 2nd club 6th Concourse 261-miles, and his last race was from
623-miles and was on the day and 3rd club and concourse only beat out by a local loft flying 25-miles shorter
than our loft.  The few other races he was in he was right there at the top of the sheet only behind a couple of his

The reason to display him is to show everyone what a champion bird looks like and to describe his features.
Size wise he is neither big nor small so I would say perfectly medium (now a large medium like the rest of us
retired folk).  His
9th and 10th flight is the same length (like many Goldstar birds, note most birds 9th flight is
longer than its 10th flight.) This (10th as long as the 9th) seems to be a trait for long distance racing pigeons but
I do have winners with the 9th a tad longer.  He also has a rather long keel, at least 3.25" tip to tip.  Most
important is the gap keel to the vent being less than one index finger in width.  Another characteristic is the
"squared off" under-wing body feathers, he has them!  Email or call if you want more info on this.  I consider that
to be more of a sign of quality than ANY eye sign theory.  Most Goldstars have the squared off feather.  Eyes
are eyes BUT for one thing or trait and he has it.   It is somewhat of a secret but if you email or call me I will tell
you.  Of course most Goldstars have this trait as well.

His (this bird, #1679) mother was the famous "Miss Goldstar" AU 2000 ILL 2011 BC who flew even better than
he did but her fame was being
the ONLY day bird entire Concourse in Race B 623-miles (clocked at
right at dark and a day I will never forget as that day I clocked 2 day birds from Race A and won a
double header in the concourse which has never happened here, before or since).  His (#1679) father was
#2871 (AU 98 ILL) who never flew a day in his life but bred two 623-mile day birds and countless winners at all
distances.  As you see his (#1679) mother was 6 years old and father 8 years old when he was hatched.  
Quality birds will breed champions at any age.  In fact #2011's mother was 9 years old and father 4 years old
when she was hatched.
Champion "Golden Star" DC cock
AU 2006 STAR 1679
Above.  623-miles on the
day with multiple diplomas won from other races
in only two years.  A typical bred Goldstar bird.  
He is now retired and living in Taiwan.
ATTENTION! NOW is the time to get your breeding loft lined out!  If you are going to add birds do it NOW so they can get settled in and be ready to mate when
you want them to.  When birds are moved to a new loft they need time for them to get comfortable enough to mate and go down on eggs.    Check the birds for
sale page out and especially their pedigrees.  These are out of some of my best breeders!  Discounts given on multiple birds purchased.  
Kids love the baby
birds see above (click)