Health Tips to prevent problems with birds? (page updated 11/9/18)
Everyone needs to watch their birds closely for health problems.  If you want to win work on the birds health and loft situation.
Always be looking to improve comfort and ventilation for the birds.  Check the list below often.

Vaccinate for PMV, every bird every year.  (and also young birds right out of the nest or for sure after May 1st or
at least before July 1st)
2. Do NOT over crowd your lofts.  (70% of all lofts I have seen do NOT have enough fresh air in them and too many pigeons)
3. Disinfect watering system OFTEN.  (I alternate them and soak them in a 5 gal bucket with bleach in it.)
4. Quarantine any new birds coming into your loft for at least a week.  Treat as needed (watch the droppings).  Also, don't get
allot of new birds to add to the loft.  Only add a few birds (5 or 6 old birds or 10 or so Ybs at the most.
5. Do not let sparrows or other birds enter your loft and keep mouse poison 2 kinds or more around 24/7/365.
6. Worm and dust often and give 2 drops of Ivomec to each bird at least twice per year but worm with Moxidectrin.
Protect your birds, their health, and the sport by keeping on top of the situation.  It is better to cull a few young birds now than to
infect your entire flock.  No one is exempt from this even if you don't buy or acquire other birds.  Isolate them if their droppings  
are not right!   In general the droppings indicate the health, small firm round droppings is what you want.  (Use a Pro-biotic).
7. Birds should ALWAYS have a white nose (the whiter the better) and solid roundish droppings and a clear throat.
8. Get rid of birds that do not seem "right" or very healthy or poor feather or birds that have not produced birds that compete.
9. You must control your birds.  With young birds you do this with feed and old birds you make sure they keep to their own nest
and are not trouble makers in the loft.  (fat birds do not win races)
10. Try to wean your babies very young.  I move them at 24 days and then visit them and handle them each day making sure
the are eating and drinking.  (heavy birds do not win races)
11.  Work everyday to make the birds healthier.  No feed should be left when they are done eating and give clean grit every
other day.  It is best to put the grit on a board in the aviary and NOT in a crock or bowl unless it is made of wood.
12.  The BEST indication of health or form is for the birds to have pink smooth breast skin (sides of the keel).  Not scale like.
One loft races and our success.  
One loft races are one of the best ways to test your birds against others.   They are all treated (fed, watered, medicated and trained) all the same in
the same loft puts all birds are on an equal bases.  This is a true test and true competition of birds and breeders of the birds than even flying against
your neighbor across the street.  One loft races are FUN!  People gather for food, drink and talk  pigeons while waiting for the birds to return.  It is
even fun if you don't have a bird in the race just meeting and talking about the birds as well as all the great food etc.   However, it is definitely more
fun if you have birds in the race!
And, it is even MORE fun to win a money position in the race.   As far as getting in races with someone (some individual loft) as your handler, this is
VERY risky at the least.  You must know and choose a GOOD handler then you have to luck out with the winds on race day.  I don't want to go into
this any further but after being in a good number of races with handlers I can say that part of my life is over with as I will not do this too often
anymore.   When getting in One Loft races make sure the race is reputable and has a good track record.  Check it out with past participants.  Now
there is the live results on  This is really cool to watch, check it out.

The Goldstars and One Loft Races:
In 1987 was my first One Loft race experience and it was as good as it gets as we took FIRST place and won over a grand!  This was in the
Belleville RPC One loft race.  It was a 300-mile race and there were 2 birds on the drop and my cock trapped in first.  Over the next 3 or 4 years
placed in the money EVERY year
as one or more of our birds were on the drop (equal first).  Then, for some reason the club changed the race to a
250 (instead of a 300-mi race).  This caused many birds on the drop and our success was not so good (when you get 35 birds on the drop you need
birds that can run fast - to the trap - and not so much of a quality racing pigeon.  None the less we still won some money positions quite often.
In almost every One Loft race our club has hosted (all but one I think) I have had birds in the money.   The bottom line is these Goldstars are
One loft birds
especially if the race is 250-miles or over (other wise it is might be just a trapping contest and not a true test of the birds).   The
Goldstars have been tested on 400-mile Young bird races and WON the race, in fact one was the only day bird in the entire Concourse in race A and
the other was 2nd Concourse in Race B.  Remember, a Concourse is made up of 2 or more Combines and a Combine is 2 or more clubs!   These
young birds are great at 400-miles!
Important message about buying birds
Whether you are just starting out in the sport of racing pigeons or you have been in it a while the object is to win races correct?  
To do this consistently you need quality birds and that is what most pigeon race men are looking to acquire or breed.  Well, you
can’t breed quality out of so-so birds in any amount of time you can afford to waste.   The best way to acquire good birds may
be to get them from a local loft, and older flier, that has been around for years and is always there on clock out day no matter
how hard a race it was.  

Other than that, or if you prefer to beat your competitors with your “own” type of birds, or something different then you will have
to go find the quality elsewhere.   Most of the “Feather Merchants” have some excellent birds, however they are among
hundreds of poorer quality birds.   By Feather Merchants I mean pigeon houses (or stores of sorts) that sell pigeons to make a
living.  These people must sell birds to survive and are responsible for maintaining employees and all the other expenses
involved.  Their goal is to move bird’s (inventory) period.  Yes, they do go to Europe, they do import birds, and they do try to find
quality and maintain a reputation.  However, I have known many a flier who have bought birds from them and seldom ever got a
bird worth the money he paid for them.  One fellow, new at the sport, in two to three years purchased over $10,000.00 worth of
birds (and this was 30 years ago) and maybe got 6 birds out of all of them that where worth the money he paid for them.    In
fact 90% of them were of no value at all as they were lost as young birds almost immediately.  Although they had fancy
pedigrees and they looked very good, the quality was disgusting and a waste of time and money.  

There are also fellows that have worked their way to the top.  They won awards for many accomplishments, then decided to sell
their culls birds on their “good name”.   Whether this happened by accident (the winning) or their GOOD location, or not so swift
competition I am not sure.  Perhaps, along with the fact he was a super handler he was able to win these races.  I have
witnessed such men locally where no one else could win with their birds.  

The bottom line is that in buying pigeons
you don’t always get what you pay for from SOME people or merchants.  You might
get a good looking bird with a fancy pedigree but that does not mean it is of any quality.  Believe me as I have witnessed it over
and over that paper
(or fancy pedigrees) does not win races.  Birds that are out of birds that are out of other bird’s years
ago, from Europe,
don’t do it here!  Perhaps they are diluted or inbred too much are not even out of who they are supposed to
be out of I don’t know.

What I do know is that these Goldstar birds that I have bred for 40+ years win for most everyone and in any part of the country
and in YB races as well as OB races.  Their pedigrees are out of birds that have done it themselves (won races and or bred
winners) here and now in the United States of America.   We breed for quality NOT quantity!  
I guarantee if you put an equal
amount of Goldstars against an equal amount of ANY other family of birds these Goldstar's will out fly and out breed
them ALL!
   If you want to win races plus have some birds no one else has then try these.  
You won’t be sorry!         
Goldstar Lofts & Birds
More about the Birds + Message
Our 600-mile champions! (note: we flew 619-miles, now 623-miles)
(We are listing only the winners and day birds and not the other many other consistent top 600-mile Concourse
diploma winners we have)

Band #                                     Position
AU 85 LSL 7573 BC H        1st Club, 8th Concourse 1987
AU 89 LSLC 0919 BB C     1st Club, 8th Concourse 1993
AU 93 LSL 5374 DCWF C  
1st Club, 7th Concourse 1995
AU 93 LSL 5369 BC Cock
1st Club  &  1st Concourse 1995 ("Broken Arrow" qualifies as an AU registered champion) related
to 5374, 1716, & 4203 as well as many 500-mi winners.
AU 96 LSL 0644 DC Cock  1st Club, 4th Concourse 1998
AU 97 LSL 1719 BC Hen    
1st Club   &  1st Concourse 1999
AU 97 LSL 1716 BC Hen    
1st Club, 8th Concourse 1999
AU 98 LSL 2855 BC Cock  
1st Club, 4th Concourse 2000 (also 5th Combine in 2002)
AU 98 LSL 2850 BC Hen    
1st Club, 2nd Concourse 2000
AU 99 ILL   0068 BC Hen    
1st Club, 4th Concourse 2001
IF   00 IIF    0243 BC Cock  
1st Club  &  1st Concourse DAY BIRD 2003 Race A Speed of 1375 YPM
(also 5th Combine 2004)
IF 00 ILL 2011 BC Hen        
1st Club  & 1st Concourse ONLY DAY Bird in Combine 2003 Race B
AU 99 ILL 0058 BC Hen      3rd club & 4th Concourse DAY BIRD 2003 Race A
IF 02 ILL 4203 BC Hen        1st Club  & 1st Concourse 2006 (also 5th Combine 2005)
AU 06 STAR 1679 BC C      3rd Club & 3rd Concourse
DAY BIRD 2008 Race A
AU 11 STAR 5199 BC H     1st Club & 3rd Concourse 2013 (2014 came within 2 seconds of the same time the year before only beaten by loft 25-mi shorter.
Many 600-mile diplomas won 2014 - 2018.  In 2019 the Combine screwed up the long distance races so we sat out.

These type of birds make up our entire loft of Goldstar racing pigeons.   99% of all birds we sell will have some (if not many) of these
600-mile birds in their pedigree.   These are quality pigeons and they prove it!  They Perform in the races and the longer or harder the
race the better they do!