Our birds are a family flock!  These birds are 40+ years of breeding and blending strains of birds which have been developed by not
only myself but pigeon flyer's from the Mid-west US where in this area the birds are tested extremely well (Three 500's & one 600-mile
race every year).  All breeding records are kept on paper and on computer.  Detailed pedigrees and information is furnished with the
birds sold.  Most all birds listed on this site are breeders and/or PROVEN race birds with winning performances of which most all are
on 500 and 600-mile races (but they win as many short races as well).  Our motto is "If you want quality then breed for the distance"!
To the left is Champ "Paul"
Band # AU 99 ILL 0082   Paul has many diplomas including 1st Concourse 500. Nearly EVERY bird
he has sired, that were raced, won the Combine on races 300 - 600-mile.  His oldest son #0243
was 1st Combine day bird 623-mi. Son #6302 was 1st Combine 300.  Son #4205 was 1st Combine
500-mi in 2004.  I clocked his twin daughters, 7408 & 7409, every race they went to.  Paul was a
super race bird and a SUPER breeder and my loft is FULL of his blood. Click to enlarge his picture.
This bird to the left is Paul's mate (previous to 2006)
AU 99 ILL 0058 BC Hen "Gold Baby"
Paul's first mate and they bred 0243 the 623-mile day bird Concourse winner.
0058's Concourse record is 5th 200, 3rd 150, 7th 600, 4th 623-miles on the day, and 1st Concourse 400.  She has bred 4
Concourse winners with Paul not to mention other diplomas won by their children!
Gold Baby #0058 a super racer and breeder is now deceased!
However a very large percenage of the Goldstar loft is of her blood and her full sister 8586.
To the right is AU 00 ILL 2011 (Miss Gold Star) BC hen 1st Concourse 623-miles on the
day and
the ONLY bird on the day in Race B in the entire Concourse arriving about
3 minutes before 9 PM nearly dark.  This beautiful performance bird was stocked and
bred from for a number of years.  At a very old age she wsa retired to Florida as a gift to a
friend in the sport.  Super quality is what we she was and now her blood runs through
most of the Goldstar loft.
Children out of her are not for sale.  Grand Children are 500.00
Her sister #2010 bred a 623-mi Concourse winner in 2006.  
Which was IF 02 ILL 4203 (also she was 5th Concourse 623-mi in 2005)
Another Update! 2011's son 1679 was one of only five 600-mile day birds in the
Concourse 2008 and the longest flying day bird of all of them at 623-miles.  Only
beaten by a loft 19-miles shorter.  Also Combine bird of the year (check the AU
NDB 2008)
More Info about the Goldstar Racing Pigeons
Goldstar performance racing pigeons are the results of 35+ years of breeding by me and a half century (plus) breeding by Mr. Gene Goldschmidt of
St. Louis, Mo.
  These birds have been tested and culled over the years to bring about a super pigeon that not only performs but looks beautiful and
feels terrific in your hand.   Most all Goldstars are tame gentle birds that have a love for their loft that gives them the incentive to home from great
distances over any terrain or weather anomaly.   

Goldstar Lofts is NOT a pigeon selling store who only wants to move birds.  
We do not import or buy birds simply to sell for income purposes.   At
Goldstar Lofts we breed our own birds and race and test our birds constantly.   There is a huge difference between the quality of a feather merchant
and a racing loft.   One reason we must sell birds is that we almost NEVER lose birds!  Therefore we have and sell few birds as we can not keep
them all.  Note: we do reserve the right to refuse sale of birds to certain areas of the country or certain lofts even.

When you buy our birds we highly recommend you either buy a kit of 6 (or more) young birds and race them and see the performance and compare
them to your other birds.  Or buy one or more pair of Goldstars and breed them together which will get you more pure Goldstars of which you should
race some and keep others to breed back to into the bloodline.  However, do not breed brother to sister or Son to mother.   Also, everyone knows
that not ALL babies that are hatched are winners or of superior quality but the basket will help us cull those.   On the other hand
we seldom lose birds
in training or racing
.   Pedigrees will be furnished to aid in a breeding program and or call or email me for help anytime.  Mating distantly related
birds (of which all come from winners or close relatives of them) is one way to acquire some quality racing pigeons.

NOTE:  This is VERY important!  We HIGHLY recommend you breed these Goldstar birds together thus producing MORE straight
PURE Goldstars.  Breed them according to pedigree and make sure they are distantly related or at least not too closely related.  As you
will see by the pedigrees most all the birds you get from us will be directly out of 600-mile winners.  
The best pedigree you can hope
for is when ALL 4  grandparents ARE 600-mile winners or breeders of 600-mile winners.
 Even better is to have ALL 8 great
grandparents with these kind of accomplishments.  Doing this you WILL produce quality racing pigeons (you have to because the
genes are there)!!!!!!!
 I can not tell you how many times people have crossed my birds with some fancy named Janssen or Houbin or what ever
bird and they get garbage as offspring.  So then they think the Goldstar is bad because they paid less for it or the pedigree is not as fancy.  In
almost any thing,
if you put something bad with something good you will always get BAD.  The Goldstars are PROVEN PERFORMANCE racing
pigeons that fly long hard races and WIN right here in the United States!  I have witnessed my own club members buy birds related to fancy
named birds (like Golden this, and Super that, etc.) and get a nice pedigree and a nice looking bird and pay hundreds (if not thousands) for them
and the bird NEVER produces any better than their own best birds have.

One last thing, keep in mind that the care taker of these birds, the loft manager, MUST care for them properly and ultimate health is the
other key in winning races.   We guarantee you will be pleased with the birds you receive from us and you will be more than pleased
with the results you get from them.   As with pigeon racing in general BE PATIENT and give the birds time and a chance to prove
themselves.  We all have bad days, even the birds do.    Also, if you have too many birds DON'T buy or add any more until you get
down to numbers you can work with, take care of and keep healthy as possible.  And DO NOT keep adding different birds to your loft.  
Work with the family you have but cull then hard.  Race them and don't be afraid to lose pigeons as the good ones will always come
home.  And one more thing, remember, these are God's creatures and it is our responsibility to take care of them.   Look out for them
like they are part of your family, because they ARE!
This is Paul!  Retired to the breeding loft after winning many diplomas, including 5th and 10th Concourse on the 600, and a 500-mile Concourse
Winner First Place
AND breeding 5 Concourse winners while still on the race team.  (Paul is now deceased)
A beautiful Cock of show quality who was a Super Breeder!   
Every singe raced bird bred out of Paul has been a diploma winner with most winning
club and/or combine/concourse races!
 This bird, Paul, Is now deceased but I have several direct off-spring in the breeding loft!
Children out of Paul are not for sale, grandchildren are 500.00 each and Great Grand-children are 300.00

Both Paul (0082) and Miss Gold Star (2011) are Proven Winners and
Proven Breeders of 600-Mile day bird Concourse winners!
These are Super Quality Racing Pigeons.
The Goldstar Birds
Here are some pictures and information on some of our birds.  Most pictures are thumbnails that enlarge the picture when clicked on,
then hit the back arrow (top left of browser) to return to this page. (do not hit the X in right top corner)
Who is this "Paul" bird and what has he done?  See Below!
As a YB Paul (AU 99 ILL 0082) he was 2nd Club 326-miles
As a Yearling he was 13th Concourse 216-miles and 9th Conocourse 519-miles
As a 2 yr old he was 3rd club 11th Concourse 128-miles
As a 3 yr old he was 1st club 5th Concourse 128-miles and 10th Concourse 623-miles
As a 4 yr old he was
1st club and Concourse 519-miles and 5th Concourse 623-miles
I stocked him after that but he was really on top and the first bird in the clock almost EVERY race as a 3 & 4 year old.  But wait till you see how well his offspring
flew! I only bred one round or baby out of him while on the race team.  

His first son IF 00 ILL 0243 I call "Top Gold" was a nice BC tic Cock a little larger than his father.  
As a yearling he was 1st to the loft on a 200 then 2nd Club 3rd Concourse 261-miles.
As a 2 yr old he was 1st to the loft at 128-miles, 2nd at 300-miles and 2nd at 500-miles.
As a 3 yr old he was 1st to the loft at 128-miles, flew a 200 then a 500 okay, rested 5 weeks then was
First Club and Concourse on the day from 623-miles (and there were only a few day birds)
As a 4 yr old he went to only 2 races.  The first race was 500 miles and he was 1st to the loft the second race
was the 600-mile race and he was 5th Concourse.
 (Since then he has been sold)
His second son IF 02 ILL 4205 I call "Paulson 2" was a nice BB tic Cock with a fantastic eye.
As a YB he went to 7 races including 2 300's and was very consistent.
As a yearling he went to a 100,300, and two 500's and again consistently there.
As a 2 yr old he went to a 300 and three weeks later a
500 winning FIRST Concourse.
As a 3 yr old he went to a 300 then a 500 and was 3rd club 10th combine, then to the 600 where he was 2nd L.
(Since then he has been sold to Taiwan)
His Third son IF 03 ILL 6302 I call "Paul's #3" was a nice BC Cock with a great streamlined body.
As a yearling he was 3rd Comb 300 then First Combine 300 and then 2nd Combine 400.
The above winning him Combine Champion bird of the year!
As a 2 yr old he was 2nd in on a 300 then First bird on a 500 winning 10th combine.
(Since then he has been sold to Taiwan)
The above are all cocks but see what his daughters have done below!  
His daughter AU 04 ILL 7409 named "Paul's Baby" She is a perfect size hen with great feather and body.  Her twin sister 7408 is always right there behind her and
was 3rd club 126-miles.
As a young bird 7409 was 2nd Combine 160-miles and 3rd at 259-miles.  In 2006 was 10th Combine 216-miles and 1st Club 8th Combine
500-miles.  In 2007 was 1st club 244-miles and in 2008 was 3rd club 216-miles.
This is just the beginning of what this bird alone has done and there are many more offspring that have won races and IF I ever get the time I will
list more of them.
The parents of 2011 & 2010 were not youthful at all.  In fact their father was a 1996 bird (4 years old at the time) and their mother was a 1991 bird
9 years old at the time #2011 & #2010 were hatched.   Forget the theory that older birds do not produce winners, it simply is not true.    This
strain lives long and produces quality youngsters at a very old age and these young WIN races!